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We were very satisfied. They were very knowledgeable about what the project would entail. They were extremely prompt and detailed with their communication.

We had some issues arise, just like any project, and when that happened, their speed and communication and detail to the issue were excellent. They were very good about letting us know what needed to be done and how it needed to be done in order to get this project completed. It was very nice to have a company that was so reliable. I could call them at any time and communicate with somebody and get answers. And that’s what you need and want when you’re in the middle of a project: you want to be able to get answers and not feel like you’re being left in the dark. Anything we would do in the future, we would go forward with them.

Josh Seward, Owner/Operator of Cork’ N Cleaver Restaurant

We picked Fort Wayne because it appeared to be a good market for our type of memory care. They (Shawnee Construction) were referred by our lender. Shawnee’s work quality was very good as was their communication. We have been pleased.

Steve Lirtzman, a partner with Senescent Healthcare

Women’s Health Advantage began their partnership with Shawnee Construction in 1991.

Through the years, Shawnee has repeatedly upheld high standards, great craftsmanship and communication.

We trust and value the opinions and years of experience of their personable staff. We are currently working with Shawnee on two building projects which will break ground in the near future. Shawnee Construction is dedicated in meeting all of our needs at Women’s Health Advantage.

Cindy Liggett, Facilities Director

Our partnership with Shawnee Construction began almost 25 years ago with a surgery center and office remodel. Through the years, we have repeatedly contracted them on numerous projects. Their quality of work is of highest standard, budgets are kept in line and schedules are met and their staff is accommodating of our needs, working nights and weekends as needed. Shawnee Construction provides us opportunity for expansion, remodels or maintenance with little interruption to our patients and staff.

ONE - Ortho NorthEast

Shawnee was the general contractor for the Lakeside Middle School renovation that took place in summer 2008. They took care of the masonry and walls, ceiling tile replacement and window replacement. Whenever I would ask a question it was always addressed right away. They were right in step with everything, had great lines of communication and would do anything I asked. These are just good people to work with, and we hope to work with them again in the future.

Mike Stetler, coordinator of capital projects for Fort Wayne Community Schools

Our camp was deeply in need of new lodging facilities that expressed quality, stewardship, vision, and long-term strategic planning for the future. Shawnee was able to help us accomplish the perfect facility that welcomes our guests, provides the perfect space for communities to grow, and continues to provide a fantastic impression of where we are going.

Ryan Gernand, Impact 2818 Sr. Manager of Advancement, Epworth Forest Conference Center

From day one Shawnee was there to answer every question and work hand and hand with us to make sure we got the product we desired. So much so that we have used them since for other small jobs and plan on using them in the future as larger projects arise. Their promptness and professionalism is exactly what I search for when I look for business partners.

Dave Kerschner, Crazy Pinz Entertainment Center

Elmwood Communities has partnered with Shawnee Construction for multiple projects. They work closely with us to create unique, high-quality communities for our residents. Their project managers keep projects on budget, on schedule and are always available for minor remodeling or routine maintenance. I would highly recommend Shawnee and look forward to working with them in the future.

Kathy Hunt, LNHA CEO for Elmwood Communities

We envisioned an exciting Kindergarten addition for our young people. We added four new classrooms that blended seamlessly with the rest of our building. We wanted a functional, flowing space with a modern and colorful look that our teachers, parents, and especially our young people would enjoy for years to come. Shawnee Construction was professional and personable and delivered on all that we asked for on time and under budget. We have been very pleased with the project.

Rob Sordelet, Principal of St. Charles Borromeo School

Construction of a worship space that meets the historical and liturgical needs of an Orthodox church requires precision and artistry. Shawnee Construction worked closely with our parish throughout the project and truly cared about the quality of their work and the respect paid to the space they were creating.

His Grace Bishop Anthony Michaels, St. John Chrysostom Antiochian Orthodox Christian Church

Shawnee Construction has been a good partner with us in building our new memory care center. They worked with us initially in getting pricing to a point we were comfortable with. In general, their staff was responsive to our requests. This project was unique for them because as owners, we were in the new building on a daily basis, which I am sure was a challenge. The quality of the workmanship was good, and if there was an issue, they worked hard to resolve it. We hope to partner with them again in the future.

Dan Carr, Executive Director for Towne House

We wanted to build a pharmacy that gave our current and new customers a unique, and exciting shopping experience that would differentiate us from competitors. From the beginning, Shawnee worked with us to achieve that goal. They were professional, paid attention to details and accomplished the task on time and on budget.

Gregg Russell, President of Fort Wayne Custom RX

Shawnee Construction truly cares about their customer’s needs.  They will bend over backwards to work with you and make you happy.  Bandidos and Taqueria B would definitely work with Shawnee again!

Jimmie Schindler II, Bandidos and Taqueria B

Our most recent construction project included an eight semi-private room to eight private room renovation that would meet all Medicare requirements. Working with the government for any Medicare project involves strict rules and deadlines for on-time completion.

This project required us to change our permits so we could convert the semi-private room to private rooms for new wings. Permit submission is restricted with submission allowed at beginning of each quarter – so timing was extremely important to meet our scheduled opening. Our relationship with Shawnee Construction enabled us to submit initial plans to Department of Health and Indiana State Building Inspector to ensure plan and permit requirements were met, keeping our project on schedule.

We always bid out our projects and have selected Shawnee for our last four projects. We have consistently found that between competitive pricing, on-time scheduling and great communication with on-site management for quick resolution of issues.  Shawnee is a strong and trusted partner for our building projects.

Craig Prokupek, Presence Sacred Heart Home

As I began writing this testimonial, four words kept coming up in my draft: Trust, Integrity, Quality and Value. I believe these words best describe Shawnee’s modus operandi.

Earning my trust was no easy task having been disenchanted with the commercial construction of our building shell. We decided to go with a different builder for our build out. I had heard of Shawnee’s work through colleagues in medical offices and hospitals and it was all good, not a single negative comment. Since then, time and time again, Shawnee earned my trust, every step of the way.

One can feel the integrity when talking with Matt and John. They are straight shooters concerned with getting it right the first time. Their integrity flows through the project managers and workers. Team atmosphere of this company is palpable. All the players have a “can-do” attitude. It’s a “feel good” group who seem to really enjoy what they do.

We have been in our office for 4 years and the quality of construction speaks for itself. This has as much to do with Shawnee’s leadership and know-how as it does their subcontractor choices and relationships. The weekly on sight construction meetings with John and the subcontractors were so valuable in keeping open lines of communication with all involved. This lead to a very smooth construction process. Now, I so enjoy coming in to the office not just because of its appearance and layout, but also for the quality I know hidden behind the paint and décor.

The value of our office construction speaks to me every day when I come in. It was one thing for Shawnee to give one of the lowest bids for our project, it is quite another for them deliver what they have for my office. The value Shawnee provides is a result of their communication skills, meticulous planning, efficiency, work ethic and “getting it right the first time” mantra.

We look forward to our next building project with Shawnee. Yes, that’s right, we look forward to it. That should speak volumes to anyone considering commercial construction.

Robert Severinac, MD, President Dupont Medical Arts Building, Inc

Shawnee Construction exceeded our expectations on every facet of the building process.  They were respectful of our building needs, time lines, and budgets.  They made sure our completed project was exactly as we envisioned.  Shawnee Construction's professionalism and integrity would benefit any company's construction or maintenance project.

Brad D. Martin, O.D., Martin Eye Clinic, P.C

Shawnee Construction was chosen to be our partner in executing the vision for Kingston Care Center of Fort Wayne. Kingston Care Center was treated with respect and phenomenal customer service from ground breaking to grand opening. Our project had the unique challenge of working around our current resident population and busy schedules. Shawnee worked with our staff by staggering processes at off-peak hours and maintained excellent communication with all staff throughout this project. Kingston Care Center would recommend the Shawnee Team to any business looking to grow.

Lynette Neher, Regional Manager for Kingston Care Center

Shawnee did a flawless job with the construction at our beautiful Pine Valley MRI facility. It’s staff worked with equipment manufacturers to complete the complex and precise requirements involved. In the medical world, that kind of attention to detail is a measurement of survivability. We are always confident with Shawnee’s exceptional work and it’s character is beyond reproach.

Tom Organ, Director of Clinical Operations for Fort Wayne Radiology

When Shawnee Construction was selected as general contractor for the Bishop Luers renovation we knew it would be an extensive project involving a new boiler, air conditioning, lighting in the corridors and gym, new windows and air ducts run into every room in the building.

It was extensive and took the whole school year, but I’d recommend them in a heartbeat. Matt Schenkel personally attended every meeting, and even our littlest concerns were taken care of immediately.

This was a project that had to be worked around 600 kinds and more than 70 staff members during the school year. Shawnee would work second or third shift to accommodate our staff and students. We were just very impressed.

Mary Keefer, Bishop Luers High School Principal

We haven’t regretted working with Shawnee Construction for an instant. They’ve been phenomenal as the general contractor on our new residence hall project – Clare Hall – that is set to open in fall 2009.

This is a $4 million project that will accommodate up to 216 students. Shawnee’s proactive approach to issues both internally and with their subcontractors has been great. They have high expectations of their contractors and are always on top of the situation.

We’ve been highly impressed and would be happy to give them the opportunity to bid on future projects.

Ken Williams, University of St. Francis Director of Operations

From day one, Shawnee Construction proved to me that we had made the right decision.  We wanted a state of the art building, and they provided that for us.  Not only did they build a beautiful facility, they did it on time and within budget.  We are very pleased with the job that was done, and would highly recommend Shawnee Construction.

Jay Leonard, Preferred Automotive Group, Inc.

Shawnee Construction was absolutely paramount in the success of our building and facility. From the initial conversation to the final walk-thru Shawnee was there to make sure my needs were not only met but to make sure I wasn't bothered with unnecessary zoning issues. Shawnee handled all of these and without hesitation. I found Shawnee to be not only professional in the way they conduct business but also genuinely concerned that I was completely satisfied with the entire project. I feel anyone considering construction needs would be remiss in not first contacting Shawnee construction. In my opinion they are the best. Thanks Shawnee.

Todd D Meeks DDS, Davinci Dental Spa

We used Shawnee Construction to renovate two downtown building; one into offices and retail space; and the other into executive office suites for lawyers and other professionals.  We are extremely pleased with the results of the renovations.  The people at Shawnee Construction worked with us to create our vision.  We will use Shawnee Construction on our future projects and would recommend Shawnee Construction to others.

Doug Adelsperger, Midtowne Real Estate, LLC

Shawnee Construction was selected as the general contractor for two capital projects that were to run simultaneously in 2006.   We were constructing a dining hall at Camp Logan, a property in Kosciusko County and a new Service Center office building in Fort Wayne.  We knew that coordinating these two major projects was going to be difficult with the limited resources we had at the council to support them.  Choosing the same general contractor for both projects was one of the wisest decisions that we made and the fact that we had chosen Shawnee only became clear after the projects started.  The level of support that we received from Shawnee was superlative.   Shawnee assigned the same project manager to both jobs, which made coordination between the two projects effortless.  The build in Kosciusko County was on a very tight schedule, since construction did not start until January and our resident camp program was to start there in June.  Shawnee was committed to getting this building ready for occupancy by the time camp started and they did not disappoint.  The other building in Fort Wayne was also completed on time.  The best part about our association with Shawnee is that I can still email them and they will assist me with minor problems should any arise.  I highly recommend Shawnee, they were a pleasure to work with and made these construction projects enjoyable.

Chris Myers, Chief of Staff for Girl Scouts of Northern Indiana-Michiana

As a business owner, during the life of your business, you come across many different businesses and business owners that you are asked to interact  with.  Some are ordinary and what you expect and then there are those business owners that make such an impact on you, that you try to make your business better to come up to their standards.   Their way of doing business has such integrity and deep seated standards of honor, that you are amazed.  I know that  is how I have felt working with Shawnee Construction over the years.  I wanted to be a better business owner because of their example.

I first came to work with Shawnee Construction some 18 years ago on  various projects in this area and surrounding communities.  As a Construction Coordinator and Designer working in the Midwest for 25 years, I have had the privilege of working with many general contractors, good contractors and some not so good.   As a female in a traditionally male occupation, it has not always been an easy road.  Shawnee Construction was a client of one of the local banks when I was first asked to work with them and over the last 18 years, there have been countless other successful projects that we have completed. My opinion and expertise have always been sought out by them on any project that we have worked on together.  This has led to a very successful business partnership that has resulted in so many happy clients and beautiful projects. Shawnee Construction has never hesitated working with me on projects on even the smallest scale.  It was always worth their time.

Shawnee Construction’s level of expertise in all types of construction is truly remarkable.  They have only ever employed the best technicians and job coordinators even while other construction companies chose to make do  with less expertise.  This has resulted in a higher caliber of completed projects and some of the best working relationships with clients that I have seen in the construction business. 

Shawnee’s involvement with the community that they live and work has also set an example for my business.  When a local non profit organization needed projected construction costs before they could proceed with a new facility, Shawnee did all of that work gratis, asking for nothing, and they were not awarded the job when the project went out to bid.  This is only one example of their generosity.  Again setting the bar high for the rest of us in business in this community, as Shawnee Construction has always done.

Vanessa Bender, Owner of Habitat Commercial & Residential Design

We have been involved on commercial building projects with Shawnee Construction for many years, and were pleased when they were successful with the bid on our new Design Collaborative office space in downtown Fort Wayne.   As you can imagine, working on a space for a group of architects and engineers can pose some extraordinary challenges. John and Bruce did a great job of working with us in the renovation to create a unique space that continues to draw rave reviews. They successfully met our budget and schedule constraints, all while under the watchful eyes of our owners and associates- each of whom are trained to have a critical eye for detail.  We have been in our offices for over a year, and continue to appreciate the environment created by the craftsmen at Shawnee Construction.

Ron Dick, AIA, Principal, Design Collaborative Architects and Engineers

As the OmniSource engineering manager, I’ve been involved with Shawnee Construction for over 15 years and it is a great team to work with. I consider Shawnee a part of my team. The Schenkel brothers bring creative ideas to each project and are true to their word. Shawnee Construction’s team has good people.

Stuart Freimuth, OmniSource